Lee's Hope... Our Story

Lee's Hope Jewelry is inspired by my beautiful sister, Lee Schlichter Magidson.  Lee was an incredibly talented woman.  She designed unique clothing and jewelry.  She also wrote music, sculpted, traveled, and enjoyed her life.

In 2005 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and went into remission for three years.  During these three years she created beautiful jewelry and beautiful memories.  Sadly, in May 2008, the cancer came back.  We lost this special, wonderful person on July 29, 2009.

It was our hope to someday start a business with her jewelry and spread awareness about this horrible disease in the hope of earlier detection.  We never got the chance.  I have started to make jewelry with her inspiration, and would now like to offer it to women everywhere.

Lee's Hope Jewelry will donate 15% of all sales to ovarian cancer research, in the hope for earlier detection and a cure.  Please join us in this hope... Lee's Hope.